Our Policies

Classroom Etiquette


Music Together classes are about participation. The class provides a time to actively engage in music-making with your child while in a group setting. Your child gets the most benefit (and enjoyment) from the class by watching you as you participate in the class activities and have a good time yourself. Please no cell phones!  


Music Together is structured on informal instruction, where your child learns by observing (observing you as well as the teacher), by experimenting and by participating in his or her own style. Please resist the temptation to be too directive or overly focused on what your child is doing. Encourage, but don't control. Just as your child learns to walk by watching you walk, so will your child learn musical concepts by watching you make music.



A Clean Classroom


We request that you leave your shoes at the door and do not bring food into the classroom.





Young children occasionally put the instruments into their mouths. That is part of their developmental process and need not be discouraged. We treat the instruments with Pre-Fenz, www.prefenzbotanicals.com, to prevent the spread of germs. If your child has a cold or such, please place all used instruments on the table in the designated cleaning spot since germs pass from the hands as well as the mouth. All instruments are retreated if the get wet. If you child is teething please be sure to select an appropriate instrument. 



Bring Your Friends


You are all invited to have a friend visit your class for a day to see what Music Together is all about. Please get an okay from your teacher or Lisa Griffith ahead of time. Remind them that they need to participate!





Every family will receive a book, and CD. Every new family also receives the Music Together Parent's Guide. This book outlines and clarifies the methods of Music Together and how they relate to your child's musical development. Please remember to download the "Hello Everybody" Ap so that you can add this sessions music! 



Holidays/Facility Closings


Your teacher will advise you of any holidays or closings during your session. For further questions please consult your brochure, our website or contact Lisa Griffith at 630-854-3819.



Make-Up Policy


You are welcome to attend another class (on a different day) if you miss your regular class. Please call if you plan to miss a class. Make-ups can be scheduled by going to musictogetheroakbrookelmhurst.com and clicking on the make-up tab on the home page. Do not just drop in for a make-up class. Siblings are allowed to visit but will count towards a make-up. Please limit your make-ups classes to five per session. We will be as flexible as we can!




100% refund less non-refundable registration fee given anytime before 1st class. No refunds given after 2nd week of classes.

Further Questions and Concerns


Please feel free to contact the director, Lisa Griffith, at any time: 630-854-3819.

We are happy to do presentations for your organizations or clubs.